Results: OWS Series Round 8: Sorrento – Australia Day

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Happy Australia Day

Round 8 of the 2019/20 SWA OWS Series got underway this morning with magnificent conditions with a 35C sunny and light SE winds at Sorrento Beach proudly presented by New Town Toyota.  918 swimmers took to the water with 153 successfully posting qualifying times for the Rottnest Channel Swim and Port to Pub. 

SWA Vice Patron Mr. Peter Katsambanis MLA and Councilor Christine Hamilton Prime from the City of Joondalup were in attendance to help start the huge number of swimmers.

Swimming WA would like to thank New Town Toyota for their support and boy did the OWS Hilux get a workout carrying all the freebys down from Emma and Toms milk and bars, New Town Toyota Beach Balls, Westpac money boxes and the 1 tonne of Aussie Natural Spring Water handed out to swimmers after their swim.

Congratulations to Lars Bottelier (2:07:13.6) and Jamie Bowler (2:13:41.1) who took out our line honours for the 10km and well done to all swimmers who chose to come swim with us today and well done to those who challenged themselves to achieve their goals.

New Town Toyota OWS Series Hilux Competition

Next Round

Up next on Sunday 2 of February is our penaltative round and last before the kids go back to school, Round 9: Shorehaven at Shorehaven, presented by Peet.

Here are our place getters for the OWS Series Round 8: Sorrento – Australia Day proudly brought to you by New Town Toyota:


Swimmer Tracking

Swimmer tracking provided by

For a better viewing experience, get the RACEMAP App!!

The tracking application is provided by RaceMap.  The maps can be used within this website but for best results, the RaceMap app should be installed from either your apple or android store.

Viewer Information

  1. You can locate a swimmer by tapping on the search box and either scrolling down until you find them or type in their name or number.
  2. A swimmer in the search area who is bold means that they are being detected and should appear on the map, a swimmer who is faded means that more detections are required to determine their position and hence appear on the map.
  3. If you click on the person’s name it will highlight them in the map.  You can highlight multiple people.
  4. The information below the swimmer refers to i) their speed, ii) their distance swam, iii) elevation from sea level and iv) distance to finish.
  5. You can zoom in and out on the map and even change its orientation – this is a lot easier to do in the app.

Key points about the tracking we use for the Open Water Swimming Series

  1. The data used for the tracking is collected by transmitters sitting on top of the swim buoys.
  2. It will usually take a few minutes after the race has started for a competitor to appear on the screen.
  3. The race tracking is “predictive” only and the swimmer’s position on the map can change due to alterations in speed and conditions.  It relies totally on the timing chip being clear of the water for certain periods of time so that it can be detected by the transmitters.
  4. This type of tracking technology is 12 months old and Swimming WA are one of the first groups ‘globally’ to use it within a ‘purely’ swimming environment.  The swimming environment is challenging, however, after every race, the data is analysed and modifications are made to the software to continually enhance its accuracy. 



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