Open Water Swimming (OWS) Membership

Sign up as an OWS member for just $55 to gain access to exclusive discounts on rounds, group bookings and series swimming.

  • Up to $25 off each round registration price
  • 10% discount when you purchase three (3) rounds in a single transaction
  • 15% discount when you purchase six (6) rounds in a single transaction
  • Swimming WA Members and Masters Swimming WA Members are eligible for OWS member prices

Event Prices

OWS Member Prices

For Open Water Swimming (OWS) Member prices please refer to the Entry Prices section. OWS Members are available to individuals with:

  • Swimming WA Competitive Memberships
  • OWS Memberships
  • Masters Swimming WA Competitive Memberships 
Non-Member Prices

For Non-Member prices, please refer to the Entry Prices section in addition to acquiring a day licence.

Please note that Early Bird prices end 10 days out from the event and Standard prices end at 11:59pm on the day before the event.