What distances can I swim in the OWS Series?

At most rounds the OWS Series will be run a 500m swim starting at 7.30am and then at 8.00am run a 1.25km, 2.5km and a 5km. At specific rounds, we will run a 7.5km and a 10km. The 10km can be used to qualify for the Rottnest Channel Swim.

Do I need a qualifying time?

No, you do not need any qualifying time to enter any of the Open Water Swimming Series events. You are however required to sign a waiver form declaring that you are a capable and strong swimmer and can complete your distance.

Are there any age restrictions on the events?

Yes, they are as follows:

  • 500m Minimum age: 9yrs of age at day of competition
  • 1.25km Minimum age: 11yrs of age as at day of competition
  • 2.5km – 5km Minimum age: 12yrs of age as at day of competition
  • 10km Minimum age: 14yrs of age as at day of competition*
  • All swimmers aged 9 and 10 years must have a chaperone swimmer. 
  • There are no maximum age limits on any events.

*13-year-olds looking to undertake a qualifying swim for a solo Rottnest Channel Swim crossing are asked to contact Swimming WA direct on (08) 9328 4599.

Can I change the distance I have registered for?

Yes! Changes to race distances can be made online up to one day before the event.

Step 1. Click here

Step 2. Enter email that was used to register for swim.

Step 3. An email with links to each of your registered events for the season will be sent to you.

Step 4. Select the event you wish to change the distance and click the “Access” link.

Step 5. Scroll down to the Event heading and click the green “Edit” button.

Step 6. Select your desired distance and click the green “Continue” button and follow the prompts through to the end.

Note that there is $2 charge to make alterations, so we recommend only changing when you are sure of your choice.

I am a member of an affiliated SWA Club, Do I need to sign up as a OWS Member as well?

No, your club membership will allow you to access the SWA members price. When registering ensure that you click on the Swimming WA members Only.  

I am a member of a Master’s Swimming Club; Do I need to register as a OWS Season Membership?

No, we have partnered with Master’s Swimming WA to allow all Masters Members to be able to access to the discounted rate. To access this discount, please register via the OWS & Masters tab. Register now will automatically recognise you as a Masters Member.

Should I sign up as a OWS Member?

If you are NOT a member of a Swimming WA affiliated club or a master’s Swimming Club and wish to swim more than 3 rounds of the OWS series, then signing up as a OWS member will allow you to access the cheaper discounted price as well as saving you money across the entire series. To sign up as a OWS member and be eligible for this awesome discount, please follow this link here:

I’m a OWS Member– How to I register.

If you are a OWS Member, make sure you register via the Masters & OWS members tab. The Swimming WA membership link is only for members of affiliated clubs. Register Now will automatically pick up that you are a OWS member and apply your discount.  

Do I need to be a Swimming WA Member or OWS Member to take part?

No, Non-Members can register for our OWS Series by getting a day pass. Please register for a day pass under the Non- Member/ Day Pass Category.

Can I enter on the day?

We strongly suggest you enter before the respective cut off days for each event. However, late entries can be taken on the day. Late registrations will run from 6:30am – 7:15am and include a late entry fee. This time will be strictly adhered to as it is a serious water safety issue.

*Please note – if an event is sold out beforehand there will be no late registrations taken on the day.

Can I register to compete in the
State Championships Rounds?

Only registered members of affiliated Swimming WA clubs can register to compete in our three state rounds. Please note OWS and master’s members are NOT eligible to compete in SWA State Championships.

Leighton – 7.5
Bunbury – 5km
Coogee – 10km

I’m a member from an interstate club, do you offer reciprocal members rights?

Yes! If you are from interstate or international and wish to compete in any of our Open Water events including the State Championships, we are pleased to offer you entry at members rates. Please email ows@wa.swimming.org.au to get receive the entry form required. Entry into the state championships will require state body sign off.

When will I receive my race briefing?

Every swimmer will receive a E-ticket containing important information at least 24 hours before the race. This email will include information about the event, what happening on that day, distances, course, weather, timeline of events and also contain your E-ticket.

Why do I not have a Race Number?

Unlike previous years, SWA will now allocate numbers on the day of the event. This is done to reduce waste of tattoos and allow a much faster registration process with everyone in the line to be provided with the next number in the que. 

When will results be published?

Live results will be available on the Open Water website or via the QR code available near the refreshment desk.

What swimsuits am I allowed to wear?

If you wish to use your time to qualify for national competition and/or be eligible for points towards the OWS Series leaderboard, then you must adhere to Swimming Australia’s (SAL) Open Water By-Law 7 regarding swimwear. This By-Law is available within the full Swimsuit guidelines found her

There are no restrictions on swimwear for those not looking for a nationally recognised qualifying time and/or those who are not vying for the overall Leaderboard championship. Continuing from last year, people wearing wetsuits will be eligible for recognition medals if they finish in the top three place-getters in their age group at any event (excepting the WA Open Water State Championships).

Any exposed zips on wetsuits are required to be covered to prevent any safety breaches during the swim. If they are not covered, the participant may be asked to change into an alternate swimsuit prior to entering the water.

Watches (including GPS devices) and jewellery (including rings) are not permitted at any time. Please leave these at home, or safely with friends or family.

Where can I find maps outlining the course and site layout?

Course maps can be found on the individual events pages of this website. The final course map will be included with the E-ticket.

Can I swim in multiple events in the one round?

No, As all swims from the 1.25km and up start within 3 min of each other it would not be possible to swim in multiple events in one day. If you wish to swim the 500m or chaperone someone in the 500m this would be allowed as it starts at 7.30am before the main race at 8.00am onwards.

When will medals be presented?

Medals will be presented as soon as a sufficient number of competitors from the relevant event have finished.

Medals will be awarded in the following categories- Gold/ Silver/ Bronze:

  • U14
  • U18
  • Open – 18 – 34
  • Legend- 35-49
  • Super legend – 50+

Medals for state rounds will be awarded separate to the public medals. (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)

  • 13-14 (5km Only)
  • 15-16
  • 17-18
  • Open

Where can I find out the expected weather conditions of the race?

A weather forecast complete with tides and winds will be emailed to you as part of your participant brief on the Friday prior to the event. For updated information please check Bureau of Meteorology.

How is the series winner determined?

The series winner will be determined through the OWS Scoring System. Each round a participant swims will see them accumulate more points to their series tally.

Points are awarded to the first eight (8) swimmers in each category, from eight points for 1st Place to one point for 8th place.

These points are then multiplied by the distance swum.  For example, the winner of the 10km event would get 80 points compared to the winner of the 2.5km event who would receive 20 points.

To be eligible, swimmers must complete six Swimming WA events, with at least one Round being regional.

How will I be notified if an event is cancelled?

If an event is cancelled before the day, an email and SMS will be sent to the account nominated when you register.

All communication relating to the cancellation of events will also be communicated via Swimming WA’s Social Media Channels; Facebook and Twitter as well.

What is the refund policy?

 Swimming WA will only provide a refund for entry fees in either pool or open water swimming competitions in the following situations:

  1. Illness or injury prevents an athlete from competing, or
  2. A technical error has been proven to have occurred on the meet entry system, resulting in a negative financial effect on the user.

A medical certificate covering the days in which the member was intending to swim is required to claim a refund for Part 1. above. If a medical certificate cannot be provided, Swimming WA reserves the right to reject the refund request.

To request a refund because of illness or injury, please contact the following at Swimming WA.

For open water swim events contact ows@wa.swimming.org.au

For Swimming WA pool meet events, contact waswim@wa.swimming.org.au

Your request for a refund should provide the following:

  1. A medical certificate, clearly covering the days in which the member intended to swim
  2. The name of the meet entered
  3. The event the swimmer withdrew from
  4. The swimmer’s name and contact details

The refund of entry fees will primarily be refunded to the credit card which was used for the initial transaction.

In the event a member experiences a technical error while performing an online meet entry transaction which results in member fees debited from them more than once, the member can claim reimbursement/reversal of the duplicate transaction from Swimming WA. Proof of fees being debited more than once must be provided to claim reimbursement (eg. Copy of credit card or bank statement with all fields redacted with the exception of the transaction).

Am I allowed a paddler and feeder?

Paddlers will be permitted for the 7.5km & 10km events. Paddlers must be outside the course. Feeders must be inside the designated area along the beach

Who is the event organiser and the key officials?

Swimming WA is the event organiser and the Meet Director for each event will be Swimming WA’s OWS Coordinator.

Each round will have a nominated Chief Referee who is responsible for ensuring the rules & conditions of the of the competition are met.

Will medical personnel be on-site at the venue?

A water safety first aid tent with qualified personnel will be set up on the beach from the time registrations open until after all races are completed. Please see individual event listings for specific water safety providers.

What water safety has Swimming WA put in place for each event?

Swimming WA takes very seriously the safety of its participants and has put in place a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy to deal with all safety issues at our open water events.

Swimming WA has engaged Surf Life Saving WA as our Water Safety provider and manager for the entire series.

Swimming WA has also been working closely with State Government Departments and other water safety providers to ensure the necessary support and risk mitigation strategies are in place to deliver the safest possible environment at all open water events.

Swimming WA constantly reviews the conditions and environment at each open water venue with our water safety provider in the lead up to each event. If any of the risk factors go beyond our agreed indicators, an event will be cancelled.

Should an event need to be cancelled, Swimming WA will provide all competitors with an opportunity to compete in another event of their choice throughout the season and the cancelled event will count as a completed event towards state championships qualification.

Why is there not more OWS events on Sundays?

While SWA will always aim to ensure there is as much flexibility in the calendar as possible, holding meets on Sunday can prove challenging due to the clash with SLS Nippers program. This limits our ability to get and meet the requirements for water safety on an event day and therefore makes putting events on Sunday difficult.

Public Comment

If there is something you would like to see changed in our series, please email ows@wa.swimming.org.au and feedback will be taken to the OWS Commitee for consideration.