Results: OWS Series Round 5: Rockingham – State Championships & Club Premierships

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Race Day Results

Here are our place getters for the OWS Series Round 5: Rockingham Foreshore, Rockingham proudly brought to you by the West Australian and Naval Base Concrete:

Kevin Holtom Participation Award

1st – Kwinana Swim Club

2nd – Central Aquatic Swim Club

3rd – Rockingham Swim Club

Jennette Bailey Cup

1st – Breakers WA Swim Club – 80 Points

2nd – Scarborough Beach Swim Club – 77 Points

3rd – Perth City Swim Club – 75 Points

Race Day Gallery

Thank you to The Nomad Company, our official photographer of the OWS Series.  Photos from the day are posted on Tuesday after the event but if you would like a sneak peek, head on over to The Nomad Company for a full list of images as they are prepared.  For more details or to purchase an image please email

All eyes are now on the Round 6 of the Open Water Swimming Series: Shorehaven on Saturday, 12 December presented by Peet. Come swim with us and register now.