The 2023/24 Open Water Elite Series returns for 2023/24!
This season will see all Swimming WA competitive members able to compete.
All you have to do is register to swim in the three State Championships Rounds to be in the running to win!
The Three State Championships Rounds are: 
Leighton – 7.5km State Championships- 21 October 
Bunbury- 5km State Championships- 4th November 
Coogee- 10km State Championships- 25th November 

The Swimmer who is the best performing swimmer accross the three State Rounds and acquires the most points will be awarded the Elite Shield and a $500 prize. 
Elite Series Prize Money 
Male & Female
Open Prize Money
7.5km State Championships Leighton 
 $ 250.00
 $ 150.00
 $ 100.00
5km State Championships  Bunbury 
 $ 250.00
 $ 150.00
 $ 100.00
10km State Championships Coogee 
 $ 250.00
 $ 150.00
 $ 100.00
Overall Elite Series Winner 
Do I have to be a member to compete?
Yes, you must be a competitive SWA member and swim all three states to be eligible to win the Elite Shield and $500 prize pool. 
Can interstate swimmers compete for the round prize money?
Yes interstate and international swimmers will be able to compete for the prize money but not be eligible for the Elite Shield.
Why is there not a series like last year?
 SWA conducted a survey of swimmers who competed last year and found that due to different training programs, interstate and international commitments and preparation for Open Water Nationals, swimmers were not able to get the most out of have a full series.
This is why we have made the decision to focus the Elite around the three State Championships Rounds. By doing this we are ensuring that the best swimmers in WA  are competing with the potential of swimmers from other states coming over to challenge our WA swimmers. 
We have additionally elevated the status of the State Championships with additional prize money now being awarded to the winners across the three rounds. Swimmers who wish to swim the series will be able to take out the series prize in their age group if they are successful as well.

Where do I go if I need more information?
Please contact if you have any feedback or questions.