Round 3: Coogee

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Registrations are closed!

Calling all kings and queens of Coogee!

Round Three of the 2017/18 OWS series will have you feeling like royalty as you take to the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches of Coogee.

With distances 500m to 5km, this swim is even perfect for chlorine Counts and Countesses looking to take the first step in moving up to the noble league of OWS.

Invite all the princes, princesses and peasants you know, it’s going to be a majestically marvellous morning!

Date: Saturday 18 November 2017

Start time: 8:00am (500m at 7:30am)

Distances: 500m, 1.25km, 2.5k,  and 5km

Registrations on the day open at 6:30am and close at 7:30am sharp. Please come down within this time to check your name off and collect your kit. Registrations after 7:30am will not be accepted as this is a swimmers safety issue and is taken seriously. 


Ocean Eliminators 2017

30 selected athletes (15 male, 15 female) have been chosen to compete in six rounds of a 500m course which has a 5-minute rest between each round. The 5-minute rest commences after the first finisher of each round crosses the finish line.

Similar to last year, the last two athletes from each round are eliminated. (I.e. 1st lap – 15 athletes, 2nd lap – 13 athletes, 3rd lap – 11 athletes etc.).

This process concludes with 5 athletes competing in the final lap from which the top 3 athletes will vie for cash $1000 in cash prizes.

Prize money will be:
1st Place – $250
2nd Place – $150
3rd Place – $100
4th Place – 1 Free entry into an OWS Series Round valued at $38
5th Place – 1 Free entry into an OWS Series Round valued at $38

We have invited athletes from surf, pool and triathlon to go head to head to identify the ultimate aquatic athlete so make sure to come to Coogee for some open water action.

Ocean Eliminator

The 2016 OWS Series saw 30 of Perth’s elite Open Water athletes battle it out in the inaugural Ocean Eliminator.

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