Round 3: Coogee

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Calling all kings and queens of Coogee!

Round Three of the 2017/18 OWS series will have you feeling like royalty as you take to the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches of Coogee.

With distances 500m to 5km, this swim is even perfect for chlorine Counts and Countesses looking to take the first step in moving up to the noble league of OWS.

Invite all the princes, princesses and peasants you know, it’s going to be a majestically marvellous morning!

Date: Saturday 18 November 2017

Start time: 8:00am (500m at 7:30am)

Distances: 500m, 1.25km, 2.5k,  and 5km

Ocean Eliminator

The 2016/2017 OWS Series saw 30 of Perth’s elite Open Water athletes battle it out in the inaugural Ocean Eliminator.

Click here to read about all the action.



–   10 swimmers decided at Open Water State Championships

–   Top 10 swimmers from 5km and 5km splits

–   5 wild card swimmers (e.g. leading public/celebrity swimmers)


–   In water start

–   Separate entry from the main event

–   On beach finish

–   Final 6 swimmers will finish through main finishing arch


–   4 Rounds (laps)

–   1.25km course (5km in total)

–   Last 3 people in knocked out each round

–   Once the first swimmer is in, the next round will begin in 10 minutes