Round 1: Leighton


Round One was proudly presented by

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Not a cloud in the sky for the opening round of the Open Water Swimming Series held at Leighton Beach this morning, proudly supported by 3 Oceans.  676 swimmers took to the cool 19 degree water to come swim with us this morning in distances ranging from 500m up to 5km.

Swimmers were treated to a body surf finish this morning while OWS Series Ambassador, Simon Huitenga was on scene to congratulate today’s winners. Nova 93.7 Casanovas dropped in with give always for all, while the West Australian kept everyone on course and Aussie Natural Spring Water ensured we were all well hydrated.  Thanks to the City of Busselton, Round 2 will be by the iconic Busselton Jetty on the 17th of November.

Here are our placegetters for the OWS Series Round 1 – Leighton, proudly brought to you be 3 Oceans:

1.25km Swim          
Female     Male    
Under 15     Under 15    
Sarah Felton 0:20:51 Eben Prinsloo 0:20:15
Darla Mavor 0:22:10 Jonah Whitby 0:22:30
Taleisha Hurford 0:23:14 James Kjellgren-Lewis 0:22:32
Under 18     Under 18    
Ellen Kozlowska 0:22:01 Oliver Stark 0:19:27
Amber Kinnane 0:24:39 Mark Dropulich 0:19:31
Ella Phelan 0:25:33 Demetri Casotti 0:22:02
Open     Open    
Ella Harnetty 0:19:21 John Williams 0:20:34
Bethan Kendall 0:24:26 Brandon Bennier 0:21:05
Emma Watson 0:24:29 River Allen 0:21:40
Legends     Legends    
Fiona Carroll 0:21:15 Travis Kelly 0:19:48
Emily Randall 0:22:02 Hamish Buddle 0:20:33
Holly Marinovich 0:25:17 Paul Nayler 0:21:28
Super Legends     Super Legends    
Annemarie Dembo 0:23:25 Glenn Williams 0:23:20
Susan Dolgoy 0:25:48 Michael Jones 0:26:12
Jo Appleby 0:28:39 Dean Kay 0:27:41
2.5km Swim          
Female     Male    
Under 15     Under 15    
Phoebe Ashworth 0:39:53 Alessio Macri 0:38:37
Emily Nayler 0:40:29 Archie Davis 0:40:24
Aimee Bullier 0:41:15 Jack Della-Marta 0:40:28
Under 18     Under 18    
Mia Harrison 0:38:27 Flynn Mason 0:35:08
Charlotte Zollner 0:42:42 Finn Hussey 0:37:15
Kate Collins 0:42:57 Cyrus Milne 0:38:17
Open     Open    
Rajvi Kanaiya 0:35:53 Michael Cousins 0:36:26
Alexia Pavlovic 0:44:53 Marc Kendall 0:39:15
Grace Barratt 0:45:37 Adrian Rogers 0:39:16
Legends     Legends    
Nancy Shaw 0:40:36 Brad Ravenscroft 0:39:37
Lily Strugnell 0:41:54 Andrew Rigg 0:40:08
Caroline Ashby 0:45:03 Clinton Greener 0:40:31
Super Legends     Super Legends    
Lyle Kildea 0:41:06 Peter Thompson 0:37:34
Lynette Hunter 0:42:37 Robin Wilson 0:45:20
Rhonda Pearsall 0:45:32 Chris Williams 0:46:39
5km Swim          
Female     Male    
Under 15     Under 15    
Rosie Wilson 1:18:20 Hayden Ferguson 1:36:52
Eliza Hodder 1:18:50      
Sophia Pinto 1:20:08      
Under 18     Under 18    
Tia Donovan 1:15:05 Byron Kimber 1:01:19
Abigail Phillips 1:21:07 Charlie Hewitt 1:08:49
Sirena Mcdowell 1:21:16 Max Coten 1:11:55
Open     Open    
Rebekah Weller 1:08:32 Rhys Mainstone 1:01:07
Natalie Woolfitt 1:19:19 Will Gurr 1:08:41
Catherine Lynn 1:33:29 Ben Jones 1:09:22
Legends     Legends    
Jaime Bowler 1:12:14 Tim Hewitt 1:08:44
Lindsay Cowie 1:20:20 Benjamin Hewitt 1:12:10
Helen Jones 1:29:11 Bob Tarr 1:12:23
Super Legends     Super Legends    
Bridget Young 1:22:06 Aaron Maxwell 1:14:52
Tracey Shaw 1:26:11 Frank Van Rooyen 1:19:07
Erica Thomas 1:34:04 John Muir 1:21:21


Challenging yourself is easy when it’s at one of Perth’s best beaches.

On Saturday 3 November 2018, the OWS Series will be begin at Leighton Beach with Round 1 of the OWS Series.

Start your season off in the best way by signing up for the 500m, 1.25km. 2.5km or 5km swim.

Date: Saturday 3 November 2018

Start time: 7:30am (Main event 8:00am)

Distances: 500m, 1.25km, 2.5km and 5km

Registrations on the day open at 6:30am and close at 7:30am sharp. Please come down within this time to check your name off and collect your kit. Registrations after 7:30am will not be accepted as this is a swimmers safety issue and is taken seriously.

Keep up to date and challenge your friends via our event facebook page OWS Series – Round 1 Leighton