New in 2020/21

Recommendations for 2020/21 OWS Series

The volunteer OWS committee, representing OWS Swimmers, Parents, Technical Officials, Clubs and Coaches, met on Tuesday 21 January 2020 and put forward the following recommendations for the 2020/21 OWS Series:

  • Series points system to include all swimmers who participate instead of just the top eight.
  • To improve medal presentation times, cut off times for medal presentations to be implemented, recipients outside of these times will be presented individually as they cross the line, rather than formal presentations.
  • Live display of finishers and their time and positions.
  • Larger tattoo size and apply to back
  • Hand write numbers to hands for states championships
  • Location for State Championships will remain at Rockingham
  • String line for feeding from beach
  • Series Pass applied after all events selected to allow swimmers to select individual distances per event
  • Include 7.5km distances at 10km events
  • Seek sponsors to provide prize money at key Rounds
  • Beach umbrella for Technical Officials
  • Join the Global Swimming Series
  • Clubs rostered for site crew and volunteer work to provide income stream to local clubs.
  • Provide Tattoo removal wipes for wetsuits
  • Time Trial Round
  • Increase the number of team events in the series
  • Investigate upgrade to Bluetooth official stop watches
  • Point to Point swim for the Diamond Mile
  • Prize Money for the Club Premiership winner.  Remain aligned to State Championships.  500m to 2.5km swimmers only.
  • 12.5km Round as last event before the Rottnest Channel swim, open to solos, duos and teams to practice.

Public Comment

If there is something you would like to see changed in our series, please email and feedback will be taken to the OWS Committee for consideration.