Triathlete Siobhan has competed in events all around Australia and is now gearing up to join the European competition circuit in 2017.

While running and cycling have always come easy, swimming has been Siobhan’s biggest challenge.


How did you get started in open water swimming?

I started triathlons in uni and it became apparent pretty quickly that just training in the pool wasn’t enough. Getting race experience in open water has helped my swim leg a lot.

Getting used to swimming in a group, maneuvering around the buoys and adjusting to the changing conditions are all skills you just can’t get in the pool.

I did my first open water event in 2012 at Cottesloe – it was awful, I check the forecast before I register now.

What’s your biggest challenge with open water swimming?

I’d say my biggest challenge with open water swimming is the swimming part – I’m more of a dry-land sort of person.

Also the cold – I’m definitely a big fan of the wetsuit.

But really, I love that the slogan is “challenge yourself”, for me and a lot of other triathletes the swim is the most challenging part, so it’s cool to know that actual swimmers find it challenging too.

Finally getting the togs back on after two weeks off and I feel like I was learning how to swim again 😂 🏊 #swimbikerun #trilife #triathlontraining #swimtime #active #teamtricoaching #superfish #ironmantri #triathletelife

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So you won’t be taking on the 10km marathon swim any time soon?

Absolutely not. That’s insane.

Do you have a favourite swimming memory?

I did the Cairns Ironman event earlier this year, it was challenging but definitely a great event. It’s a lot of training and a totally different race to a regular triathlon but I left feeling really motivated to take on another one.

Dream swimming destination? 

Definitely Hawaii.