At only 13 years-old, Luca is one of our youngest open water swimmers.

This photo of him leading the charge out of the water at Cottesloe last year is one of favourites, and it’s only all the more impressive when you learn that this was Luca’s first open water event.



When did you start swimming? 

My mum put me in swimming lessons when I was one, just at a swim school near my house. I really liked swimming and so I started swimming with Victoria Park Swimming Club when I was eight. Now I’m 13 (in year 7 at school) and I still swim there. I do both pool and open water events.

What made you sign up for your first swim?

My sister and teammates had all done open water before so I wanted to give it a go. The swim my photo is from was Cottesloe 2015. I did the 1.25km race and it was a tough swim. That was the day everyone got badly stung from the jellyfish, I remember thinking that I wanted to quit but I pushed through. I really wanted to finish. It was horrible after, I was in a lot of pain.



How does pool swimming compare to open water?  

They’re really different. I love open water though, it’s more fun and I love the beach. My biggest challenge with open water is beating my own time. That’s always hard in open water because it depends on the conditions on the day so you never know. Also the jellyfish.

What’s your favourite hobby outside of swimming? 

I also play soccer, so that’s probably my other favourite thing to do.