Meet Julie! 

Travelling all the way from South Australia, Julie is a regular at Swimming WA’s Open Water Swimming Series.

With a solo Rottnest Channel swim under her belt, she’s well and truely an open water pro.

“I discovered Swimming WA’s Open Water Swimming Series in 2013/14.

The Series’ events were a huge part of my preparation for Rotto in 2014.I successfully completed it solo in 5hrs 52 mins and it will forever be a highlight of my swim career.

I was and continue to be so impressed with how well organised the Swimming WA Open Water events are. The ‘vibe’ from so many participants – elite and not-so-elite alike…and the fact it is far more exciting than your average pool training session.

My partner lives in Perth – a city I now call my second home. So on the weekends when I’m over west I love to do an open water if one is on.

I’m competing in Auckland in April at the World Masters Games”