What made you sign up for your first open water swim?

I signed up to my first open water swim when I was about compete a triathlon, and was also training for the Rottenest Channel swim. All this sport came from my friend, Allie – my chiropractor in Moora, who followed me during my half marathon training, and pushed me to train for  a triathlon. We did our first open swim together into the swan river, and the first triathlon together last year.


Favourite swimming memory?

The favourite swim memory was Mirvac Leighton Swim, 1.5 km. We had amazing weather, I was with my Rottenest Channel team and we did our qualification swim. It was a really beautiful swim and you could enjoy exploring the bottom of the ocean.


What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

I’m looking forward to doing more swims than I did last year. I had a proper coach this winter and I hope I will feel more comfortable in the ocean, and be able to compete more triathlons and longer distance swims.


Do you swim by yourself or with others?

I usually swim by myself. But by training constantly you push your friends to follow you. Sometimes they come down to the beach to support me and end up jumping in.


What’s your favourite hobby outside of swimming?

Outside swimming, I do the City to Surf half marathon every year. Except sport training, I enjoy going to events around Perth like concerts an shows.


What do you do to relax?  

A glass of wine with friends or a movie at night are good for relaxing!


What’s been your biggest challenge with open water? 

The biggest challenge was my first open Swim with Allie. I was really scared, but Allie made me do it! The first time you swim outside a swimming pool, something new, feeling if you get tired, you do not have any edge to pull out, but all this surfer, life guards, help a lot to feel more confident to swim in the ocean.


What are your goals with open water? 

My goal with open water is to prepare this year or next year to do the Channel again. And also being quicker for the triathlon in the swimming leg.


How do you prepare for open water swims? 

To prepare a swim, I go to the pool as often as I can. One banana 20 mins before the open swim session, and off I go!


Where is you dream swimming destination?

My dream is just to be really confident in the ocean, swimming for hours…. And also share my experience with friends and get them involved! Swimming is one of the greatest sports there is!