Masters Bonus Rounds


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This year Swimming WA has partnered with
Masters Swimming WA to offer swimmers looking to gain points in the OWS Series competition a bonus three rounds in which to gain points.


MSWA Round #2             Fremantle Ports Swim Thru

The Fremantle Ports Swim Thru showcases the fantastic beach location at South Beach and its surrounds. This year the event will host the 2017 LiveLighter Masters State Open Water Championship (2.5km) and the LiveLighter MSWA Novice Event (500m). Get down to Fremantle and enjoy the local cuisine and entertainment.

  • Date: Saturday 10 December 2016
  • Start time: 7:45am
  • Distances 5km, 2.5km, 1.25km and 500m

MSWA Round #3                 Swim Thru Perth

This iconic event is one of the few on offer in the beautiful Swan River, Matilda Bay. This is a great way to “get your feathers wet” and enjoy an open water event in the calmer waters of the bay. A great event for those just starting out on their open water adventure.

  • Date: Sunday 22 January 2017
  • Start Time: 8:30am
  • Distances: 5km, 2.5km, 1.25km and 250m

MSWA Round #5                 Coogee Jetty to Jetty

This event celebrates its 21st year in 2017 and is certainly one of the most popular MSWA open water events on the calendar. With more than 850 participants in 2016 there is no doubt that this event is growing annually and is shore to crack the 1,000 mark in the very near future.

  • Date: Sunday 12 March 2017
  • Start Time: 8:00am
  • Distances: 1.5km, 750m and 250m

* These events form part of the 2016/17 MSWA Live Lighter  Open Water Series

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