What made you sign up for your first open water swim?

I wanted to be part of relatively new event series, back in NZ in the  early 2000’s and I liked the sound of the a challenge – why use a boat when you can swim around to past points of interest!

Favourite swimming memory?

I’m not sure it’s my favourite memory, but my most memorable swimming moment would be from my first open water swim. I finished at the same time as a Labrador that swum with its owner…. At the time I thought she came out to meet her owner, but no.

I’ve come a long way since that day. Seeing dolphins while swimming too has been pretty cool.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

Travelling to different locations and seeing parts of WA of I haven’t been to yet, and inspiring my kids to get involved in the future.

I’m a special education teacher and I love to see the kids I teach challenge themselves too.

Do you train between events?

I generally swim/train by myself but try and swim 1-2 days with my Masters club.

I normally swim events on my own as well as I really enjoy competing against myself. Plus, most of my open water swim buddies still live in New Zealand.

What’s your favourite hobby outside of swimming?


What do you do to relax?  

Swim and if I couldn’t swim, anything in the outdoors

What’s been your biggest challenge with open water? 

Exiting the water gracefully!

What are your goals with open water? 

Finishing top 10 in my age group, inspiring my kids to participate, to see parts of the world through different events and continuing to enjoy it.

Where is you dream swimming destination?

Samoa swim series 2017