Round 10: Mandurah

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Registrations are open!


Feeling up for an adventure on a public holiday?

Town Beach in the centre of Mandurah will host this year’s 10th OWS Series on Monday 5th March 2018! Mandurah’s proximity to Perth makes it an accessible adventure for everyone.

The unique turquoise colour and sheltered inlet make Town Beach the perfect opportunity for beginners to test the waters of the OWS Series in a fun, social way. Those who take on the 5km swim will be rewarded with stunning views of the coastline along the whole course.

Mandurah is also one of the OWS Series team events! So grab a group of friends and experience the fun and excitement together.

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Date: Monday 5th March 2018

Start time: 8:00am (500m at 7:30am)

Distances: 500m, 1.25km, 2.5k, 5km

Registrations on the day open at 6:30am and close at 7:30am sharp. Please come down within this time to check your name off and collect your kit. Registrations after 7:30am will not be accepted as this is a swimmers safety issue and is taken seriously. 


2018 Club Premierships 

Round 10 of the OWS Series at Mandurah will play host to the 2018 Open Water Club Premiership.

The winning Club will take home the Jeanette Bailey Cup and $300 in prizemoney, and our winning handicap Club will take home $200!

Jeanette Bailey Cup – Open Water Club Premiership

Point Scoring System

1.25km 2.5km 5km
1st 10 20 40
2nd 8.75 17.5 35
3rd 7.5 15 30
4th 6.25 12.5 25
5th 5 10 20
6th 3.75 7.5 15
7th 2.5 5 10
8th 1.25 2.5 5
Participation 1 1 1

500m swimmers will also receive 1 point for participation

The club with the highest point score will win the Jeanette Bailey Cup and $300 prize money.

Participation Award

Point Scoring System

500m 1.25km 2.5km 5km
All Participants 1 5 10 20

The maximum total number of points which can be achieved by your club will be determined by the total membership base (9 years +) participating in the longest distance their age would allow (see table below).

Ages Maximum distance
9 & 10 * 500m
11 1.25km
12 and over 5km

*Swimmers aged 9 and 10 must have a chaperone swimmer.

Each club’s point score on the day will be divided by this number and multiplied by 100 to reach a percentage. The club with the highest percentage will win the participation award ($200 prize money).