Rebecca & Flynn 


What made you sign up for your first open water swim?

R: I signed up for my first open water swim to help train for the English Channel swim.

F: I was training for the English Channel Swim, and the Open Water Series was the perfect way to practice amongst the open water

Favourite swimming memory?

R: Doing the open water swims along with the English Channel swim and the rottenest channel swim.

F: Probably the English Channel, when we finished our 58km swim through the night

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

R: I’m looking forward to doing further distances and improving my times.

F: The new swims (I have completed the majority of the swims) but also the State Championship and National Qualifying Round

Do you swim by yourself or with others?

R: I try to swim with people during the open water race to keep my pace up!

F: Always swim with others, and have not trained alone for a long time

What’s your favourite hobby outside of swimming?

R: Doing other sports such as water polo, netball and hanging out with friends.

F: Surfing, I have enjoyed the sport for a long time and it still involves a certain degree of swimming.

What do you do to relax?  

R: I relax by taking naps or listening to music.

F: Probably play games or go out with friends


What are your goals with open water? 

R: My goals with open water are to keep improving my times and build up the kilometres for the Rotto swim.

F: I would love to win the nationals, that would be fantastic. I would also be totally thrilled if I could podium in the Rottnest Swim

How do you prepare for open water swims? 

R: I prepare by having a good night’s sleep and listening to some good music the morning of.

F: Training, just in a pool. Surfing and going to the beach regularly amongst big waves can definitely help though

Where is you dream swimming destination?

R: I don’t really have one destination to swim, I would love to continue doing open water swims all around the world.

F: Probably somewhere I can swim and surf – Snapper Rocks in QLD.