Jessica and Michael


What made you sign up for your first open water swim?

J: I really wanted to try something new and different. I knew a few people from my school who did open water swimming so I thought I’d give it a go

M: I was always on the beach watching Jess so I thought I’d jump in too. It’s a lot of fun and really social


Do you swim by yourself or with others?

J: I’ve always swam with people from my school and my squad. It’s really fun and makes it a little bit competitive.

M: I got into open water because of Jess, so I’ve always swam with her.


What’s your favourite hobby outside of swimming?

J: I play netball in winter and I love listening to music and seeing my friends.

M: not so much a hobbie but I’m the president of Jess’ swimming club, the barracudas, so that keeps me busy!


What do you do to relax?

J: I find swimming really relaxing, there aren’t any distractions and it’s very quiet.

M: I agree, especially swimming in the ocean. I love pool swimming but nothing beats getting out into open water. It’s a great way to start your day . 

What’s been your biggest challenge with open water?

J: I always want to improve my time and try for longer distances. Swimming with people from my Club always adds an extra challenge too because we have some friendly competition. 

M: Just keeping up with Jess is enough of a challenge!

What are your goals with open water?

J: In 2017 I’m swimming the English Channel with a team of girls from my Club. The OWS Series is a key part of our training so I’m keen to get in as much open water experience as possible. 

M: I just want to keep fit and hopefully tick off a few new locations!


How do you prepare for open water swims?

J: We both swim a few times a week with the Barracudas. So that keeps us fit. On the day we just show up, find some friends and dive in!


Where is you dream swimming destination?

J: The English Channel!

M: Anywhere nice and warm!