Round 2 - City Beach


City Beach has proven its self to keep its position in our Open Water Series. City Beach is a fantastic venue with a rich surf culture sure to attract people of all ages and skill level. City Beach will provide the series with the first round to offer the highly demanded 10km distance.

Date of Event - Saturday 16th November 2013

Distances - 1.25km, 2.5km, 5km and 10km

Timing Badge & Cap Pickup - Pre-registered competitors - Timing badge & cap collection will be open between 6:00-7:30am

Late registrations - A limit of up to 20 late registrations will be accepted on the day between 6:00-7:15am. 

Note: These times will be strictly adhered to. If you arrive after the respective cut-off times you will not be allowed to race.

Paddlers are allowed at this event.

Paddlers and Feeding area map

Further information regarding their use will be distributed in the competitors brief prior to the event.

Race Briefing


Event Start Time



First Time Series Swimmers automatically become an Open Water SWA member and gives you a $10 discount for future Swimming WA Open Water rounds.

However, If you are already a registered Swimming WA Member you can't registrer yourself as a first time series swimmer. You automatically go to the Swimming WA Member selection and have the discount provided.

Swimming WA First Time Series Swimmers

1.25km, 2.5km, 5km & 10km  - $40

Swimming WA Member

1.25km, 2.5km, 5km & 10km - $30

Closing Date

Entries Close - Wednesday 13th November, 2013

Course Maps

Click here for course map 

Event Information

  • All events will be using electronic timing
  • 10km swim times can be used for Rottnest Chanel Swim qualification
  • 5km & 10km times can be used for qualification in the Australian Open Water Swim Championships (members only) 


 Eligible Age Groups

1.25km Minimum age: 11yrs of age on day of competition 

2.5km Minimum age: 12yrs of age on day of competition 

5km Minimum age:  12yrs age on day of competition

10km Minimum age:  13yrs of age on the day of competition